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Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming ever more vital and simultaneously ever more complex. There was once a day that all that it required to hit the top of Google’s search results were some well placed tags or internal site links. Today it is not so.

What is SEO?

SEO very specifically has to do with the way your site is written so that Google and other search engines can successfully read what data you already have. They have become so good at knowing which information is real, original information that they can often tell when a site is created only to generate clicks without valuable information.

In order to do this, they analyse sites for original content. You must write or have written for you quality copy (written content) that exists no where else on the web. Search engines index content in order to tell if it was somewhere else first. This way they limit the effectiveness of plagiarized content.

Search engine marketing (SEM) requires a good SEO strategy and good coding practices first. You must obey the rules of the powers that be in order to achieve good placement. SEM goes further though. SEM is also the art and science of creating backlinks. Backlinks are powerful tools that allow search engines to decide what sites are more important than others by looking at who links to them.

Learning how to SEO your site and then manage a campaign can be very very time consuming, difficult and ineffective. There is a great deal you can learn on your own, but many business owners simply do not have the time to do so. Let us use our expertise to help your site be found more often.

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